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Blood donations

Blood transfusions are a necessary part of therapy for the majority of serious blood disorders and cancers.

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9.5M Roubles

That is how much we spent on our project "Blood donations" in 2022

Support of volunteer blood donation campaigns is one of the most important areas that our Fund has been actively involved in since day one of our existence.

Coordinators from our donor information center are in constant contact with donors and doctors. They find out which patients in which clinics need immediate transfusions, and then they organize and coordinate a donor search. They answer questions from those who are considering becoming donors for the first time. They communicate with the transfusion specialists, and in addition they also organize mobile blood donor drives during which donors can give blood at their places of work or study.

The main expenses associated with this project are the salaries of the full-time donor coordinators. Additionally, the Fund pays for the production and distribution of information leaflets (posters, booklets, etc.) and souvenirs for donors and those considering becoming donors.

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