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Help for Children in Hospitals

Helping children in hospitals and clinics is the main project that the Podari Zhizn fund actively engages in. This means help for children and young adults currently getting treatment at any of the clinics that we support.

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1090M Roubles

That is how much we spent on our project "Help for Children in Hospitals" in 2022

This project is aimed both at supporting individual patients during in-hospital treatment and at solving systemic tasks for supporting the clinics and their departments. Pediatric oncology is a very expensive area of medicine, and quite a number of the optimal treatments are not covered by the government. Charity is required.

Main directions of work:

  • providing medications, both those that have been approved for use in Russia and those lacking at the Russian market, and special formulas for nutritive support;

  • purchasing medical consumables, including those for surgical operations;

  • paying for diagnostic examinations and purchasing laboratory reagents;

  • paying for expenses associated with bone marrow transplants, such as search for suitable bone marrow donors, graft harvesting, and cell processing;

  • purchasing the diagnostic and medical equipment when the clinics need it and government financing is insufficient;

  • financially supporting the medical personnel;

  • paying for additional training to improve the physicians’ qualifications.

Coordinators, who are employed by our fund, work in each clinic to monitor all the needs of the patients and convey that information to the Fund.

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