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Rehabilitation project

One of the projects of Podari Zhizn is psychological and social rehabilitation of children who have recovered from serious illnesses.

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9.8M Roubles

That is how much we spent on our "Rehabilitation project" in 2022

In Russia there are many thousands of children who have recovered from cancer and other serious illnesses, and their number grows with each year. The problem of the quality of life however remains. Having a difficult illness is a major experience in and of itself but also means insecurities, fears and psychological limitations when moving forward. In order to help a child adapt to “normal life”, rehabilitation is necessary.

Children and young adults supported by Podari Zhizn participate in various rehabilitation programs. These programs include support for active family vacations, participation in sports events such as sailing camps or interaction with horses. Additionally, there are programs for academic rehabilitation which enable children to continue their schooling and gain new knowledge even while they are in hospitals and undergoing treatment. And, last but not least, there are programs for online support, which became especially important during the coronavirus pandemic.

There are many volunteers that participate in rehabilitation programs. They are organized and led by the project coordinators, who are employed by the Fund and help create and organize all the programs. Other than paying their salaries, there are also expenses that vary depending upon the specific program but can include accommodation, travel and meals for program participants, purchasing and transportation of equipment, etc.

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