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Social projects

In addition to providing medical support, Podari Zhizn also provides social support to patient families.

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62.6М Roubles

That is how much we spent on our social projects in 2022

Families are confronted with numerous new problems when their child has a long and serious illness, and help is needed to solve these problems.

Patients who have come from remote regions of Russia to Moscow for treatment need some place to live in between visits to the hospitals, and this means renting apartments. Among the patients who require round-the-clock care during their illness there are always several orphans or children with a difficult family situation, and this means that a caregiver needs to be hired.

Not all hospitals and clinics will feed the patients’ parents free of charge, and the Fund pays for their meals. Children and parents might be scared or under a lot of pressure, and so they may need the help of a psychologist. Sometimes these families might require help in purchasing groceries and personal hygiene products or simply need financial assistance for living. For these reasons Podari Zhizn has a specific department dealing with these issues: social aid.

A large part of the expenses for social aid (rental payments for accommodations, hiring caregivers, consultations with psychologists, transportation costs, etc.) are assigned to our subsidiary fund “New Life (Novaya Zhizn)”, which was created as a separate entity specifically for dealing with social projects and is financed by Podari Zhizn.

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